How many fouls in NBA?

how many fouls in NBA

Here we will learn how many fouls in NBA. Well, in basketball, a personal foul is considered when a player :

1. Blocks the advance of an opponent who does not have control of the ball.

2. Push, load, trick or hold an opponent.

3. Prevents the advance of a player of the opposing team by extending his arm, shoulder, hip, knee or flexing his body in an abnormal position.

4 Use hard tactics.

5. Contact an opponent defending from behind.

6. Contact an opponent with his hands (except if the contact is made only with the hand or hands of the opponent on the ball and is casual in the attempt to play the ball).

fouls in the NBA
Fouls in the NBA

How many fouls in the NBA?

There are 6 fouls and at 6 personal or 2 technical fouls, the player must leave the field of play.

In case the dribbler establishes a straight trajectory of play, he cannot be forced to leave it, unless the opponent establishes an opposition of legal defense in his way. In this case, the dribbler should avoid contact by stopping or making a change in its direction.

It is valid for one or more players to run together with one of their teammates along with the court when they have control of the ball.

Different types of fouls:

Pushing: Physical contact that moves an opponent. For example, using body weight to move a player or pushing the player.

Illegal hands use: To extend the hands outside the basket and causing illegal contact. For example, going player for the steal but he hit on player’s arm or hand.

Illegal elbow use: To move player’s elbow outside of the cylinder to disadvantage a challenger. It mostly happens during a post-up play situation where either the defense or offense attempt to add a better position.

Hand-checking: Contact by the defense on the ball handler which impedes a player’s balance, rhythm, quickness, and/or speed.

Illegal use of knees or legs: To jump with one knee to hit the opponent intentionally.

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