What is NBA Summer League?

the NBA Summer League.

The NBA Summer League : Here we will talk about one of the typical events in the world of basketball.

What is the Summer League?

As its name suggests, it is a summer league that disputes the various NBA franchises and some combined guests such as the Chinese national team or a D-League team.

Currently, there are three official Summer Leagues: the Utah Jazz Summer League, organized by the Jazz, the Orlando Sumer League, organized by the Magic and Las Vegas Summer League, organized by the NBA.

The first two are organized by the teams in the weeks following the draft and the Las Vegas ones have a fixed date at the beginning of July, so a team can participate in two leagues since they do not overlap. All leagues are retransmitted by NBA TV. Do you want to watch NBA finals?

What is NBA Summer League
NBA Summer League

What is the Summer League for?

Mainly the function of the league is to develop the players. To simplify it we could say that it is an express development league in which we can see the players selected in the recent draft, players who have been in the NBA for a couple of years but have not yet started or free agents who are searching for the NBA dream.

How does the S-League work?

The Summer League takes place at the Amway Center in Orlando for a week. The ten teams play six regular league games and one Playoff where they opt for a position depending on the classification in the regular season. For example, the first and the second are disputed the championship and the third and the fourth are disputed the third place.

The Utah Summer League, however, is contested by only four teams at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City for three days with an all-in-one format in a single round; the champion is the one who ends up as the leader of the league. Read more about NBA summer league here.

Sportsbookmakers are usually offering odds for the NBA Summer league, there is no clear favorite in summer league because the teams are playing with testing squads. With basketball betting online we can make bets on the summer league after the event have started and have some information about the players.