When did 3 point shot start?

When did 3 point shot start?

Let us learn when did 3 point shot start? The triple is the highest score in basketball. Created to expand the possibilities of attack, this launch had a controversial acceptance and there is still no global consensus on its legal distance.

When did 3 point shot start?

The throw of 3 points was born in 1933 to prevent basketball from being played only close to the basket and high players were the most decisive.

At first, this line was located at 9.1 meters and who achieves success from a distance greater than that the success would be worth 3 points, and not two as the rest of the baskets since it is a throw of a lower percentage than those made near the ring.

On February 10, 2011, the Boston Celtics player Ray Allen converted his 2.561 pitch shot, making the NBA record.

When did 3 point shot start?
3 point shot

After several tests in the university league of basketball (NCAA), this norm was adopted by the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 1968 and the NBA incorporated this rule in the 1979-1980 season.

More than 50 years since its invention, FIBA accepted the triple in 1984 with a distance of 6.25 meters (currently, from October 10, 2010, the official distance is 6.75 meters).

The inclusion of the 3-point line was a real battle. Some people consider that shooting from a distance was not the true essence of basketball since this sport tries to look for internal throws and perform penetrations.

Others defended the inclusion of this rule since in this way variations could be implemented in the defenses and game variables. Finally, the triple was accepted and players are using this release as a game style and not only as a resource to generate more chances of attacks.

Having players “3-point” allows more variables to open the defenses and to play 1-on-1 attacks, as well as giving more space to the center to make attacks or throws with fewer marks.

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