Mexico Basketball League:

Mexico Basketball League: The National Professional Basketball League (LNBP) is the most important basketball league in Mexico. Team has currently made up of 14 teams throughout the country.

Mexico Basketball League:

Due to the amount of equipment and the distances between the venues, the LNBP is divided into two zones : North Conference and South Conference.

LNBP was found on March 11, 2000, in the city of Durango with 11 teams.

Despite having little history compared to other leagues on the continent, the LNBP has established itself as one of the most important basketball leagues in Latin America.

Mexico Basketball League
Mexico Basketball League

History :

Basketball arrived in Aztec lands in approximately 1902 thanks to Guillermo Spencer, who then directed the Mexican Methodist Institute of the City of Puebla.

He ordered to draw a rectangle marking, its corners with four stakes embedded. And half of the smaller sides holes were made to place two beams, about three meters high, at the top end of each one were fixed reed baskets. He removed the bottom so that there could easily pass a ball about 30cm in diameter.

The first official game was in 1905. Among the celebrations that took place to commemorate the victory of May 5. The Mexican Madero Institute was granted the opportunity for its players to give the first public exhibition of this sport in this city. Read more about Mexican basketball here.

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