How much do NBA Refs make?

How much do NBA Refs make?

How much do NBA refs make? If you are a big fan of the NBA, you must be wondering? Here we will study.

How much do NBA Refs make?

The referees must be in good physical condition. He also has to run with the players and the actions in the match. In addition, they must know the rules well and be able to make difficult decisions against some of the most famous stars of the sport.

What is the salary of NBA Referees?

The average salary of NBA referees ranged between the US $ 150,000 and the US $ 550,000. Rarely, the league provides information on the salary of the arbitrators.

And the latest data for the end of 2009 were provided without the consent of the arbitrators. The average salaries have reached their maximum since 1983 when the NBA referees earned between the US $ 18,146 and the US $ 78,259 per season.

NBA Referees
NBA Referees

How much do NBA Refs make ?

Beginning Referees:

According to the information provided by the league, the beginning NBA referees earn the US $ 150,000 per year. The National Basketball Referees Association states that this figure was relatively lower, of US $ 91,000 during the negotiations of the collective agreement as stated by The Sports Economist. They also have part in NBA summer league.

Senior Referees:

The more experience, the higher the salary for the referees of the NBA. According to the league, senior referees earned an average of US $ 550,000. Some of the best referees in the league have earned even more bulky salaries. In addition, the NBRA also countered this figure, stating that the real average was close to the US $ 400,000 per year. Read more about NBA here.

Salaries of the WNBA Referees:

The referees of the National Women’s Basketball Association earn much less but work in shorter seasons. There are 10 teams that play 34 games in a regular season. The referees work part-time and earn an average of US $ 500 per game or US $ 16,000 per year.

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