How long is an NBA quarter?

How long is an NBA quarter

How long is an NBA quarter, if you are new to basketball, you surely want to know how long does NBA match last.

How long is an NBA quarter?

A game at FIBA consists of four quarters, each playing ten minutes. In contrast, the NBA takes a quarter of 12 minutes. If there is a draw after the regular season, is extended by 5 minutes, until a winner is determined.

At the time of quarter, someone stops the time with the help of a stopwatch and holds a blue basketball in his hand.

The duration of a basketball game is influenced by various factors.

Basketball is one of the most popular team and ball sports worldwide. Especially in the United States of America basketball is very popular. To be fair, there are of course a few rules to follow. A basketball game consists of a total of 4 quarters. Depending on the league, a quarter has duration of 10 or 12 minutes. How many fouls in NBA?

How long is an NBA quarter?
NBA Basketball Game

How long is a basketball game usually?

Currently, each quarter is 12 minutes long which is 48 minutes total. That is played out on average 2 hours and 15 minutes including breaks, timeouts, and pauses.

About interruptions:

It is important to know that in a basketball game after a foul or a break is interrupted. In practice, this means that for the duration of this interruption, the time is stopped. Thus, a basketball game can take much longer. Especially for the tactics, such interruptions are especially valuable.

Basketball is varied and is characterized by its fast pace. This is mainly due to the time rules that dictate how long certain actions may take.

If it is a tie in a basketball game after 4 quarters, the match goes into extra time. The extension takes in Europe and also in the US 5 minutes. If it is still a draw after that, a renewed extension of 5 minutes is played. Read more about NBA here.