How much is NBA League pass?

How much is NBA League pass?

Let us check how much is NBA League pass and what you will get? If you are a big fan of the NBA, you must have heard about NBA Pass.

What is the NBA League Pass worth?

The NBA Pass is a sports TV service that offers all National Basketball Association games. These services re-operated by Turner Broadcasting System on behalf of the NBA. It was created prior to the start of the 1995-96 NBA Season. How to watch NBA finals?

With the NBA League Pass you have access to the following services:

•    Watch live matches with different available signals.

•    See summaries of matches compressed in about 5-10 minutes, which serve to get an idea of what the match has been.

•    The best moments with the NBA Rapid Replay.

•    Access to classic matches.

How much is NBA League pass?
League Pass


Once you buy this League Pass, you also stop depending on an operator, since you can see it on any device connected to the Internet that you pay for.

All this joins the already classic options that we have on the NBA website or its applications that allows us to see short summaries (2-3 minutes), statistics and so on, apart from spending money in the store.

What is the cost of NBA League Pass?

If you are residing in the USA and in search of League Pass, here you will get to know its cost.

The cost of NBA League Pass is $1999.99 per year or you can pay $28.99 per month. But also there are several other options you should know about it. Read more about NBA here.

If you will upgrade to all the Teams + In-Arena Stream level, it will set you back $249.99 per year of you can say $39.99 per month. And if you will take contrast, NBA team pass will cost you $119.99 per year or $17.99 per month.

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