How many players on a Basketball team?

How many players on a Basketball team?

Basketball is a team sport very popular among the world population. Its origin dates back to 1891 when a physics professor invented it, and it quickly spread its practice to the entire planet. It is estimated that there are more than 450 million players who enjoy this sport.

Basketball today is one of the most popular games that grew enormously over time and nowadays you can count on a large number of leagues all over the world.

How many players on a team?

Basketball is a sport that is played with two teams that face each other to get the victory. Each basketball team consists of 5 players on different positions who aim to introduce a ball into the basket located at each end of the court. The measure of the basketball basket is 3.05 meters.

How many players on a Basketball team?
Basketball Team

Details of Players in a Match:

When the game was invented, it was established that there were 9 players per team, later it was reduced to 7 basketball players until it was established that there were 5 players.

Although the team can have 15 players on the court they can only play 5 of them. Each player occupies a position on the playing track.

•    Base: Usually the player with the least height of the team is in charge of assembling and creating the game.

•    Guard: very agile player in charge of launching 3 points.

•    Wing: Known as the most versatile player combining speed and strength. Responsible for the attack, usually running at high speed to score near the rim.

•    Pivot: The pivot player is usually the highest of all basketball players. It is responsible for capturing rebounds and blocking shots from the opposing team.

The basketball game is divided into 4 quarters of 12 minutes (in NBA) and 10 minutes (in FIBA). Read more about FIBA here.