KK Partizan:

KK Partizan

KK Partizan: Kosarkaski Klub Partizan is commonly referred to as KK Partizan. It is a men’s professional basketball club based in Belgrade, Serbia. It`s a part of the multi-sports Belgrade-based club Partizan.

KK Partizan History :

It was founded on 4th October 1945 as a part of the Yugoslav Army Sports Club. They currently participate in the highest category of Serbian basketball. The Kosarkaska Srbije League and in the Adriatic League.

Historically it is the most successful club in Serbia. Also one of the most successful in the former Yugoslav Basketball League. Thay have won a total of 41 titles. That includes 20 national leagues (including Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia) and 8 national cups.

On the international level, Partizan has won the Korac Cup 3 times. The greatest international achievement is the European Cup in 1992.

We should note that, in that year the team played their European Cup matches in Fuenlabrada, forced by the FIBA for security reasons.

In October 2009, Partizan became the first Serbian team to play a game against an NBA franchise. It was at the Pepsi Center in Denver. They played against the Denver Nuggets, which ended 102-70 in favor of the locals.

KK Partizan
KK Partizan

At start:

The club has founded on October 4, 1945, as the basketball section of the Yugoslav People’s Army. The team officially disengaged from the Army in 1953. From then its called the Partizan Sports Society.

In 1991, due to the Yugoslav Wars, the team had to move to Fuenlabrada and play their international meetings at the Fernando Martin Pavilion.

They debuted in Madrid on November 7, 1991, in a European Cup match against Mechelen. They played a total of seven games in Madrid, losing only one to the Students. Read more about ABA league here.

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