Croatian Basketball League:

Croatian Basketball League

The Croatian Basketball League is also called as HT Premier League. It is Croatia’s top basketball competition which was founded in 1991. Let us learn more about this sport.

Croatian Basketball League –Game system:

In the main round of the Croatian Basketball League (A1 league) is played without the top teams the regular season. The best-placed clubs last season (currently there are four clubs) play the main round in the ABA league.

Only after this league has been played to the end you come to the domestic league. The ABA League is a super-regional league that includes the best clubs in the former Yugoslavia.

In the domestic league thus the first four teams are put after a round trip with the four participants of the ABA league in a middle round.

The 4 best teams in the second round qualify for the Final Four. Should one perform poorly in the ABA league, the respective country gets less starting places in the league. Croatia currently has 4 starting places, but only because the participants from Macedonia have not competed this season.

Croatian Basketball League
Croatian Basketball League

Croatian Basketball League :

There are 10 clubs from Croatia first and second round. The top 4 will face the current 4 Croatian representatives in the ABA League in an 8th mini-league.

Basketball Betting:

If you are planning for the Basketball Betting on the Croatian Basketball League, you should know that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The main international competition is the NBA.

Even the University League (NCAA) raises a lot of expectation. In national competitions, Eurobasket and the FIBA World Cup stand out, competitions that take place every four years.

The adrenaline generated by this sport is also spread when you bet on a result, a difference in points or other secondary forecasts of a particular game or event. But what are the main sports bets in basketball? Below we show you a list with the most important ones. Read more about Croatian Basketball here.

Types of bets in basketball:

  •    Match winner
  •    Will go to extra time
  •    Handicap Betting
  •    3-Way Handicap
  •    Total bets
  •    Bets per quarter
  •    Teaser
  •   Proposition