How long is a Basketball Court?

How long is a Basketball Court?

How long is a Basketball Court? The basketball courts are rectangles that officially measure according to the regulation of the International Basketball Federation or FIBA – 28 meters long x 15 meters wide (approximately 92 x 49 feet). Read more about FIBA here.

Other dimensions of the regulation measure of the FIBA basketball court are:

Length: 28 meters.

Width 15 meters.

Line of 3 points: 8.325 meters of the bottom line.

Central circle (diameter): 3.6 meters

The distance of the line of 3 points to the edge of the court: 0.90 meters.

The distance of the board to the bottom of the court: 1,575 meters.

In the NBA, the regulation courts are one-meter longer and the same width. Currently, all basketball courts are parquet, a semi-soft material also known as parquet. NBA have different rules about fouls also.

How long is a Basketball Court?
How long is a Basketball Court?

Measures of a basketball court:

The sport of basketball according to the regulations of the International Basketball Federation or FIBA is played on a rigid platform, flat, rectangular and without obstacles with mediates of 15 meters wide by 28 meters long.

This is divided into two equal halves by a line called field medium,  each line must have a thickness of 5 cm, with a circle that is in the middle of the court, that circle has a diameter of 3.6 meters. Each half has a ring located in the bottom lines. They are located inside the court at 1.2 meters.

Zone (Rectangle):

– Length: 5.8 meters

– Width: 4.9 meters

Sidekick marks (opposite side to the control table):

– 8.325 meters (must coincide with the top of the triple line)

A semi-circle of No Offense:

– From under the hoop: 1.25 meters in diameter.

Rebound marks in the area (4 marks for 3 players per side):

– Each brand must be separated by a space of 0.85 meters on both sides of the area

– A brand of these must be thicker than the rest. The width is 0.4 meters.

Board: must be 1.2 meters inside the court

Aro: must be 1,575 meters inside the court

Circles, both in the area and in the middle of the basketball court: 3.6 meters wide and long.

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