Greek Basketball League:

Greek Basketball League

Greek Basketball League: Greek Basketball Championship, also known as A1 National Category. This league is the top basketball event in Greece. The professional championship currently consists of 14 teams and HEBA (Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association) manages this league. This championship is also popular as the Greek Basket League OPAP for its sponsorship reasons. Its among top leagues in Europe together with Turkish Super League and Spanish ACB.

The first GBL was played in the year 1927 –28 and second world war interrupted the championship many times.

Since league ranking began, GBL has been ranked always as one of the top 3-5 national domestic leagues in European Basketball.

There are 30 pro-Greek Basketball Teams are split into 2 different divisions. The 1st division called “A1” that has 14 teams play for the Greek National Championship. And the 2nd division called “A2” that has 16 teams and they play for the second division crown.

The Greek Women’s Championship:

The Greek Women’s Championship has 14 teams currently. Its major league is called as A1 Ethniki. Championship has total of 26 matches that played that consist of return matches after that champion announces.

Greek Basketball League
Greek Basketball League

History of Women’s Championship:

The first-ever women’s championship was held in the year 1967-68 under the name Panellinio Protathlima and from the season 1984-85 Prothathlima A Ethnikis Katigorias.

Since the year 1997, the highest league officially called Protathlima A1 Ethnikis Katigorias.

The Greek Basketball League:

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