What is an Assist in Basketball?

What is an Assist in Basketball?

What is an Assist in Basketball? When in basketball we talk about the assistance we are all clear that it is a pass that one player gives to another who is in an advantageous position and who helps him score.

In other words, only the previous pass to obtain a basket is considered as assistance.

What exactly is an assist in basketball?

Assistance is counted as a great action of individual merit and is reflected in both individual and team statistics. You already know very well the saying that a basket makes one happy and assistance nevertheless makes two people happy, the one who passes and the one who scores.

In any case, in the FIBA regulations, and in the NBA regulations there are some differences of appreciation because in the Mecca of basketball assistance is valid even if the player who receives the last pass has to throw before shooting and scoring the basket.

assist in basketball
Assist in Basketball

Generally, the bases are usually the ones that most assists tend to give since they have more time in their hands. And their mission is to mark the rhythm of the game, distribute the ball and handle the times. But lately, the spikes are also highlighting in this mission.

Assist in Basketball

Usually, many balls are placed in a low post, so that from this situation new play situations are generated, therefore the doubling and investments are at the command of the day so that the teammates finish with baskets after a pass from inside to outside and sometimes also to the other pivot.

As for the eaves, most of their assistance usually comes from inside passes to the pivots, passes to the trailers or counterattack arrivals. Assists have big part in triple-double achievements.

Excelled players in giving assists:

To put a list of players who have excelled in giving assists we could mention Bob Cousy, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jason Kid, Steve Nash, Oscar Robertson, Scott Skiles (NBA record with 30 in a game) and Ricky Rubio. Undoubtedly the list could be enlarged enough. Find ultimate list of NBA assists here.

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