Tallest NBA players ever:

Tallest NBA players ever

Tallest NBA players ever: The huge stature of many professional basketball players has always been striking. The type of game that is performing in this sport making players from certain positions favors by the size and height. If these athletes control a minimum of technique in their movements, then they easily become team strengths both offensively and defensively.

Tallest NBA players:

Below, we present the list of the 5 tallest players in NBA history.

George Muresan:

At 2.32 meters tall, this player has been the tallest in the NBA. Its height is due to a rare and chronic disease called acromegaly that is caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone due to a disorder of the pituitary gland or pituitary gland. Unlike gigantism, this disease arises already in adulthood.

He was born in a municipality in northwestern Romania, passed through the French league and came to play six seasons in the NBA. Read more about NBA players here.

Manute Bol:

He is also with 2.32 meters in height. He holds second place only by a few millimeters apart with Muresan. As prominent as its height was its thinness. He had a stronger career than Muresan.

He played 624 games in teams like Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers or Miami Heat. He was born in Sudan and belonged to the Dinka tribe.

Tallest NBA players ever
Tallest NBA players ever

Tallest NBA players ever –Shawn Bradley:

This player was born in West Germany and he was 2.29 meters tall. He played 12 seasons in the NBA in the Philadelphia 76ers, in the New Jersey Nets, and the Dallas Mavericks. He is one of the top tampons in the history of the league. He highlighted his defensive facet and was a rather slow player.

Yao Ming:

He was 2.29 meters tall. He played eight seasons in the NBA with the same team: the Houston Rockets. His sports career began in the Shanghai Sharks with which he won the championship of the Chinese Basketball Association. He was born in Shanghai and presented to the 2002 Draft.

Sim Bhullar:

He is a Canadian pivot with Indian ancestry of 2.26 meters and 165 kilos and is the largest player who has played in the NBA considering weight and height.

His time in the NBA was a marketing strategy to introduce Basketball in India. He played a total of 3 meetings with the Sacramento Kings, whose owner is Indian, but his weight prevented him from defending and maintaining the high pace of the game.

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