NBA Today:

NBA Today

NBA Today: The National Basketball Association, better popular simply by its abbreviations NBA. It is a private professional basketball league that plays in the United States since 1946.

It was later adding Canada in the 1990s. Being an entity private, not officially dependent on the American Basketball Federation.

NBA players authorize to compete internationally following a special three-way agreement signed between the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is the highest body worldwide, the NBA itself and the American Federation in 1989.

NBA Today – Competition System:

In the regular season, each team plays 82 matches, divide equally between home and away matches. The calendar is not the same for everyone.

Teams face opponents from their own division 4 times. Before those of the other 2 divisions of its conference, between 3 or 4 times and against those of the other conference, twice a year.

Therefore, a team may have an easy or difficult schedule, depending on the division or conference in which it is located. After the recent format changes in the NHL calendar, basketball is the only top-tier American league. In it, all franchises face each other during the regular season. And in which a season ticket guarantees you to be able to see your team every time they come to play in the city during the regular season.

NBA Today
NBA Today


In the final round, the champions of each conference face the best of 7 games. The first to win 4 games will be popular as the NBA champion.

It takes place annually in June, and the champion has been awarded the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy since 1977. It replaced the Walter A. Brown Trophy.

Each champion team player, in addition to the coach and general manager, is awarding a champion ring. Additionally, the league awards the Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy.

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