Who won the first Basketball World Cup?

Who won the first Basketball World Cup?

Who won the first Basketball World Cup? Unlike what people may believe, the origin of this sport dates back to 1500 BC, in ancient pre-Columbian civilizations of Mexico. Although there are other studies that place the origin 3500 years before Christ. Also, basketball comes from one of the oldest games that exist on Earth. This game was carried out by the Mayans.

Who won the first basketball world cup?

The first ever basketball game was played in the year 1892, but it was not until 1950 when the first world cup was played.

In 1892, the first basketball game was played in the United States, with the singularity that the two and three-pointers were not differentiated as they are today. It was not until 1984 when FIBA approved the well-known line of triples.

It was William Jones, student of basketball inventor James Naismith at the University of Springfield, who created the first basketball world cup.

This was played in Argentina in 1950 due to its political neutrality in World War II, and opened with a Peru-Yugoslavia.

This being the first match played in a Basketball World Cup. Finally, it would be Argentina itself that ended up winning the Final by 64-50 to the USA.

Who won the first Basketball World Cup?
The First Basketball World Cup

Modern basketball:

The World Basketball Championship or FIBA World Championship is a tournament at the level of selections that is held every four years worldwide. This tournament is organized by FIBA and faces the teams that have previously passed the qualifying rounds. Read more about Fiba Championship here.

Modern basketball, as it is known today, had its origin in 1891 from the hands of the Canadian cleric, educator, and physicist James Naismith. In the beginning, he created a game in which two teams of 9 players participated. Later they became 7 and finally 5 as we know it today.

Since the start of the World Cup in 1950 until now, what has been modified most (apart from some rules) is the number of participating teams. In the first edition of this tournament, 10 teams participated. Subsequently, the number of participants was increasing, going through 12, 13, 14, 16 and up to 24 teams in the 1986 World Cup. This amount (24) was not repeated until 2006 in Japan.

In the last few world cups USA were main favorites. Another favorite in World Cup this year is Serbia. Also, for the fans of basketball betting online this world cup will be great chance for watching great basketball and making bets.