Lega a Basketball:

Lega a Basketball

Lega a Basketball: The Lega Basket Serie A is also known as LBA. It is also called as the Serie A PosteMobile because of its sponsorship. This league is a professional men’s club basketball league. It organizes in Italy since 1920.

Lega a Basketball plays under FIBA rules. Today it has 16 teams with the lowest-placed team relegates to the Serie A2 and the winner of the play-offs of that division replaces Serie. Together with Spanish ACB and Turkish Super League are among most popular European national championships.

Lega a Basketball – 2019-20:

Lega Seri A PosteMobile will be the 98th season of LBA since its inception. This year it will begin on 25th September 2019 and it is scheduled to finish on 26th April 2020.

The president of the Italian Federation advocates expanding promotions and the league reaches 18 teams in 2019. Read more about Italian Lega A here.

The federation official pointed out that the changes would begin in the 2018-19 season with a single decline and two promotions and the 2019-20 season would be the horizon to recover a league of 18 teams.

Lega a Basketball
Lega a Basketball

The Italian League suffered a reduction from 18 to 16 teams in the 2007-08 season. Two teams, Basket Napoli and Orlandina Basket, were descended due to financial problems and their places were not filled.

In 2016 there was another scandal around the Men’s Sana Siena, who had just revoked the league titles of 2011-12 and 2012-13. The club declared bankruptcy in 2014 and ended up falling to the fourth category of Italian basketball, although today it already competes in the A2.

In the Italian Serie A2, there are historical teams and very important cities. It is remarkable the fact that the federation raises this aspect at the time of proposing this extension. In the A2 there are teams like Virtus Bologna, Trieste, Fortitudo, Biella, Siena, among others.

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