Fenerbahce Basketball:

Fenerbahce basketball

Fenerbahce Basketball: Fenerbahce is a Turkish basketball team that competes in Turkey 1, the country’s first division. It is based in Istanbul and belongs to the sports company Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu. They currently play his matches at the Ulker Sports Arena, which has a capacity for 13,800 spectators.

History of Fenerbahce Basketball:

Fenerbahce Club is one of the oldest in European sport, recently celebrated its centenary. Club was founded in 1907, while the basketball section started in 1913. The team won the national championships in 1957, 1959 and 1965, just before the creation of the Turkey 1. In 1960 and 1966, they also played the European Cup.

Already in the new era, the team had to wait until 1991 to win their first champion title, repeating in 2007. Defeating Efes Pilsen in the final, 3 and the following year, in 2008, winning Turk Telekom by 4-1.4

First basketball game played in Turkey was at Robert College in Istanbul, in 1904. The first team formed in that country was the Galatasaray Lisesi in 1911, and later, in 1913, the Fenerbahce SK.

Fenerbahce Basketball
Fenerbahce Basketball

An unofficial league was created in Istanbul in 1927, that remained until the establishment of the first official competition in 1933. As of 1946, the basketball championship was formed by the most important clubs in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Read more abut Fenerbahce here.

Fenerbahce Basketball (Turkish Basketball League) :

The Turkish basketball league in its current conception was created on December 13, 1966, through the Turkish Basketball Federation. In 1968 the second division also began its journey.

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