Best European Basketball Players:

Best European Basketball Players:

A list of the best European Basketball Players will always be controversial. Although it was very difficult to succeed as a foreigner in basketball for a long time, things have changed over time. The list of European players who have triumphed in the NBA is much more extensive.

List of Best European Basketball Players:

1. Dirk Nowitzki:

This German player is from another world. His shooting technique is perfect. His offensive, unstoppable power is amazing.

His conditions make him an unstoppable player, one of the icons of the NBA during the last decade. His averages over 14 seasons are 22.9 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. He is, on his own merit, the best European player of all time.

2. Drazen Petrovic:

After some difficult starts in the NBA by the Portland Trail Blazers, he was transferred to the New Jersey Nets, where he led an upward progression that led him to be one of the most fearsome players in the NBA. He has played 92-93 season with 22.6 points per game.

Best European Basketball Players
Best European Basketball Players

3. Pau Gasol:

This player has been in the NBA for 11 years between Memphis and Los Angeles. During this time he has won two rings at Los Angeles Lakers. In addition to having been All-Star on 4 other occasions (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011). His averages score is 18.7 points per game and 9.2 rebounds.

4. Peja Stojakovic:

The Serbian sniper has been one of the most lethal European players in the NBA. His agility despite his 2008 and, above all, his three-point shot, made him a fearsome opponent on the courts.

Among other achievements, Stojakovic has been the only European to be 2nd top scorer in the NBA (averaged 24.2 points in the 2003-2004 season.). In addition, he has been 3-time All-Star and has won in 2 times the triple contest, being a contest classic.

5. Toni Kukoc:

He was part of the unforgettable Chicago Bulls of Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, with whom he won 3 NBA champion rings. He was always providing quality, versatility, and vision of the game coming from the bench. Read more about NBA here.

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