WNBA Finals:

WNBA Finals

WNBA Finals: WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) is a professional women’s basketball league in the United States. It was established in 1996 and began to play until the following year. It is part of the NBA.

Currently, WNBA has 12 teams. 

The regular season is between May and August. Most WNBA teams have their equivalents in the NBA men’s league.

2019 WNBA Finals Playoff Schedule:

First Round: Sept. 11

Second Round: Sept. 15

Semifinals: Sept. 17-26

Finals: Sept. 29-Oct. 10

History of WNBA:

The WNBA starts its 23rd season. It was 1997 when the NBA finally gave the green light so that its little sister had her entity. They were times of tyranny in men, subject to the talent of the Jordan Bulls in their second and lethal stage. 

8 franchises put their effort so that this idea as redeeming as necessary took shape. Of the 8 teams that cut the ribbon, only 4 have survived these two decades of change, uncertainty and growth: Los Angeles Sparks, Phoenix Mercury, New York Liberty and Utah Starzz (now Las Vegas Aces).

WNBA Finals
Women’s National Basketball Association

WNBA 2019 Finals:

WNBA 2019 Finals was scheduled on 8th September, 2019.

The rest are already just ashes of a primitive birth. Who remembers the Sacramento Monarchs? That team that marveled in 2005 and played another final in 2006 led by DeMya Walker, Yolanda Griffith, and Nicole Powell. Read more about WNBA here.

In 2019, it will also be the first time in history that the WNBA has commissioned. Cathy Engelbert will have the honor of being the first woman in her position. However, her work will not begin to be noticed until the first third of the season, which is when her current employment contract ends. 

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