Lietuvos Rytas:

Lietuvos Rytas

The Lietuvos Rytas is a professional basketball club based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was founded in 1997 and participating in the LKL, the BBL, the VTB United League, and the Eurocup.

The club bears, in part, the name of the local newspaper, Lietuvos Rytas, but in 2018 it decided to change to the current name, and use a round shield with the face of a wolf. It is one of the symbols of Lithuania.


It was founded in 1964, the Statyba Vilnius is during its early years one of the glories of the USSR.

In 1997 the club changes its name to Lietuvos Rytas Statyba. And then the term Statyba disappears, leaving only the name of the city newspaper, owner of the club.

Lietuvos Rytas
Lietuvos Rytas Team

Lietuvos Rytas: The sensation of the Euroleague:

It is rookie in Euroleague but his results and game do not prove it. The Rytas is an example of how to bet on basketball project in a country like Lithuania is a guarantee of success.

With only eight years of life, the club chaired by the eccentric Vainauskas and born under the protection of the most important newspaper in the country.

It has already reached the highest levels nationally and internationally and this year intends to continue breaking molds in the Euroleague. It has a good, multinational staff and a solid structure whose jewel is the colossal Siemens Arena (11,000 spectators). Read more about Lietuvos Rytas here.

The Lithuanian ambition of Lietuvos Rytas:

In 1996 it did not exist and in 2005 it is the true revelation of the Euroleague. It is a competition in which it has won consecutively on the tracks of Winterthur FC Barcelona, ​​Efes Pilsen, and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

These are the credentials with which we present Rytas with a club with only 8 years of existence and they are knocking at the gates of Lithuania and Europe.