How many quarters in Basketball?

How many quarters in Basketball?

Basketball games consist of 4 quarters, each lasting 10 minutes. When a regular game finishes with a draw, overtime is played until a victor is decided. A single overtime lasts 5 minutes; however, if the game is still a draw after those 5 minutes, the players will play another 5 minute OT until one side wins the game.

Nevertheless, the playtime is a bit different in the NBA. The quarters there last 12 minutes but in the case of overtime, it still lasts 5 minutes. The NBA as a league is filled with strong and athletic players that can endure the 12 minute quarters. They also have larger squads and can do more changes during a game. This fact gives NBA players an advantage when they play in World or Euro Cups where the quarters last just 10 minutes. For more information about NBA quarters, check our how long is an NBA quarter article.

How many quarters in Basketball?
Basketball Match

How is time handled in a basketball game?

While the official game timer lasts for 40 minutes (48 in the NBA), the time in a basketball match is stopped for a lot of reasons. When a foul is committed, the time is stopped. The same is true when free throws are shot or when the coach calls for a time out. Each team can call several time outs that usually last for a minute. The NBA changed their rules on the time-outs and they now allow 7 time outs per team and each one lasts for a minute and 15 seconds.

Additionally, there is a couple of minutes break between each quarter. However, after the 2nd quarter, half-time is called. There is a 15 minute break between half-time and the start of the 3rd quarter. Putting all these things together, a European basketball match lasts between an hour and hour and 30 minutes. However, NBA matches are longer and they tend to last 2 hours. During play-offs, a NBA match can last 2 and a half hours or maybe more if overtime is played.

In the past, basketball games had less interruptions and teams were allowed only 2 timeouts. However, this was hindering the game which is why changes were made. The number of breaks in the NBA is much higher than FIBA but it’s only normal because they play longer quarters. Now that we know how many quarters in basketball there are, make sure you learn more about the sport right here.