What is EuroLeague Basketball?

What is EuroLeague Basketball?

When talking about basketball, everyone thinks about the NBA. However, there are other tournaments in Europe that are extremely popular as well. This is where the question of what is EuroLeague basketball appears. The EuroLeague, known as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague for sponsorship reasons, is the top-tier European professional basketball club competition.

Introduced in 2000, the competition replaced the FIBA EuroLeague (which was previously called the FIBA European Champions Cup, or simply the European Cup), which had been run by FIBA since 1958. The FIBA European Champions Cup and the EuroLeague are considered to be the same competition, with the change of name being simply a re-branding.

What is EuroLeague Basketball?
EuroLeague Basketball


The FIBA European Champions Cup was originally established by FIBA and it operated under its umbrella from 1958 until the summer of 2000, concluding with the 1999–00 season. That was when Euroleague Basketball was created.FIBA had never trademarked the “EuroLeague” name, even though it had used that name for the competition since 1996. Euroleague Basketball simply appropriated the name. Since FIBA had no legal recourse to do anything about it, they had to find a new name. Thus, the following 2000–2001 season started with two separate top European professional club basketball competitions: the FIBA SuproLeague (previously known as the FIBA EuroLeague) and the brand new Euroleague 2000–01 season.

The rift in European professional club basketball initially showed no signs of letting up. Top clubs were also split between the two leagues. Panathinaikos, Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv, CSKA Moscow and Efes Pilsen stayed with FIBA. Olympiacos, Kinder Bologna, Real Madrid Teka, FC Barcelona, Paf Wennington Bologna, Benetton Treviso, AEK and Tau Cerámica joined Euroleague Basketball.

Modern Day

In May 2001, Europe had two continental champions, Maccabi of the FIBA SuproLeague and Kinder Bologna of the Euroleague. The leaders of both organizations realized the need to come up with a unified competition. Although only a year old, Euroleague Basketball negotiated from a position of strength and dictated proceedings. FIBA essentially had no choice but to agree to Euroleague Basketball’s terms.

In essence, the authority in European professional basketball was divided over club-country lines. FIBA stayed in charge of national team competitions. This includes FIBA EuroBasket, the FIBA World Cup, and the Summer Olympics. Euroleague Basketball took over the European professional club competitions. From that point on, FIBA’s Korać Cup and Saporta Cup competitions lasted only one more season. After that Euroleague Basketball launched the ULEB Cup, now known as the EuroCup.

Right now is among the most popular indoor sports leagues in the world, only behind the NBA. It’s very popular among gamblers and all bookies offer Euroleague odds. Find more information about the league on their official site.

EuroLeague Format

Starting with the 2016–17 season, the EuroLeague consists of 18 teams. They play each other twice, once at home and once away, in a double round robin league regular season, with each team playing 34 games.

The top 8 placed teams at the end of the regular season advance to playoffs, each playing a 5 game playoff series against a single opponent. The regular season standings determine which teams will play against each other, and in each pairing the higher placed team has home-court advantage in the series, playing 3 of the 5 games at home. The winners of each of the four playoff series advance to the Final Four, held at a predetermined site. The Final Four features two semifinals, a third place game, and the championship game, all on the same weekend.

Each team plays a maximum 41 games per season: 34 in the regular season, a maximum of 5 during the playoffs, and 2 in the Final Four.

What is EuroLeague basketball today?

While it is not as popular as the NBA, the EuroLeague has a lot of fans. Their brand of basketball is much different to what we watching in the US with the NBA. Instead of flashy moves, the games focus on defensive plays and tactics. In recent years, the connection between both leagues has risen to a new level. Players from the NBA are now coming to Europe when they have a couple of years left before retirement. However, it’s not unusual for young EuroLeague players to move to the NBA as well.

The latest example of this is the transfer of the fantastic Luka Doncic. He was a EuroLeague champion with Real Madrid at just 19. He was also a European champion with Slovenia. All of this got him the 3rd pick in the NBA draft. Eventually, he became a Dallas Mavericks player and is now one of the best in the league. This just proves that the EuroLeague is capable of producing excellence as well.

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