A lot of basketball fans are interested to know what does the NBA stands for? In this article, we will cover all the facts about the most popular basketball league in the world.

The NBA is an abbreviation used to refer to the National Basketball Association. It’s considered to be one of the most popular basketball competitions in the world. You can read more about the NBA on their official website.

In 1946, right after World War II, a group of men, mostly owners of sport arenas throughout the US met in the Madison Square Garden in New York. The reason for their gathering was to find alternatives to hockey and boxing. Those sports did bring people to the arenas but not enough to keep them full throughout the whole year.

Basketball Association of America

They started thinking about something totally different that would be able to fill up the calendar. Additionally, it was more than clear that the American population needed a new source of entertainment. At that moment, basketball looked like the ideal choice for bringing people to these arenas.

Following their meeting, on June 6, 1946, one of the most popular basketball tournaments in the world was created. It was called the Basketball Association of America or BAA, later renamed to the now world-known NBA.

National Basketball Association
National Basketball Association (NBA)

Origin and History of the NBA

Three years after the Basketball Association of America (BAA) was formed, it was renamed to the NBA. During that time, the NBA was supposed to compliment Ice Hockey which was the most popular sport in the USA. The idea was that while the hockey tournament is on a break or after the season is over, the NBA should fill the void with basketball fixtures.

However, just creating the league wasn’t enough for it to be considered a professional basketball league. For that reason, the BAA was merged with the NBL which was a professional basketball league in the US at that time. Together, both entities were renamed into the National Basketball Association or NBA and the rest is history.

What does the NBA stand for today? How it all began?

After it’s creation, the NBA became more popular with each year. However, it looked like the competition has reached a glass ceiling. The NBA needed competition if it was going to grow further. At that point in time, players started asking for bigger salaries from their clubs. That’s why in 1968 a rival league called the ABA(American Basketball Association) was formed. The ABA was a huge competitor for the NBA because they were taking their players. This forced NBA clubs to give more money in order to keep their players.

NBA and ABA Merger

With time, the competition between the two leagues grew even further and their popularity went through the roof. However, the requested salaries became unbearable for NBA owners so they used their experience to force the ABA into a merger. The NBA players association was against it but eventually, the merger happened and today’s NBA was born in 1977. At that point in time no one expected the NBA to become one of the most popular basketball competitions, not just in the USA, but the world as well.

The first NBA title

The first season of the NBA (BAA at that time) was played in 1946-1947. The Philadelphia Warriors emerged from the east, coached by the well-known Hall of Famer Eddie Gottlieb. The Western Champion, on the other hand, was the Chicago Stags led by Harold Olsen. In the final, the Warriors claimed the title with a 4:1 result. Joe Fulks was their star player as he was also the top scorer of the season with 23.2 points.

That’s how one of the greatest tournaments in the world started. A lot of changes have been made since then, both to the rules as well as the way the clubs are managed. Back then, some of the players weren’t even professionals while now, NBA players are among the toughest athletes in the sporting world.

Greatest NBA players

It’s important to note that the NBA played a huge role in what we consider social justice. Back in the 1980s, racial discrimination was still a major thing in the USA. With the majority of the players being African American, they had to overcome a lot of struggles during those years. Sadly, some of the same problems follow the league today as well but that’s a whole other topic.

Back then what took the league to an even greater level was the rivalry between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. The team from LA was nicknamed the Show Time Lakers because of their flashy style of play. Led by the great Magic Johnson, the Lakers dominated that era. Their biggest rivals were the Celtics, led by the legendary Larry Bird. Finals between these two sides were among the greatest that the NBA has ever seen.

The rivalry between Magic and Bird took the NBA to a whole new level of marketing and success. It attracted thousands of fans to visit NBA arenas or watch games on the TV. An interesting fact is that outside of basketball, these Bird and Magic were great friends.

What does NBA stand for?
Teams of National Basketball Association

NBA Rules

The NBA has rules that are different from other basketball bodies like FIBA. The implementation of these rules is of great importance because thanks to that, the organization has managed to evolve over time and grow into one of the largest basketball organizations.

What rules does the NBA stand for?

  • NBA fixtures consist of four 12-minute quarters.
  • Possession wise, the attacking team has only 8 seconds to take the ball over the midfield. Additionally, a single NBA attack lasts 24 seconds and if the ball doesn’t hit the basket before the 24 seconds are over, the attacking team loses possession.
  • Fouls are given when a player makes physical contact that’s against the rules. If a player gets 6 fouls in a single game, he will be ejected from the game. When a team has accumulated 6 fouls in a single quarter, they will enter the “bonus” which means every foul from that point on in the quarter will lead to the other team shooting free throws.

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