Basketball Betting System :

basketball betting system

Basketball Betting system is the king of sports betting. Due to the characteristics of the game, the basketball offers many possibilities in the world of sports forecasts. And at the same time, basketball fans can take advantage of the betting houses with which they can enjoy more of this sport.

Basketball Betting System:

In American basketball, and more and more in most competitions, we will only have two options: one team wins or the other does. In European Championships, the tie option is always open. Betting on a draw in basketball means that we win if the match goes to overtime.

Although it is very common to bet the winner of the game, in basketball it is, even more, to bet on the handicap. This type of forecast is closely linked to this sport.

Handicap Betting :

The handicap involves attributing or subtracting a series of points to each team. The favorite is subtracted and the non-favorite is added. In this way, since the basketball markers are very variant. The matches are “matched” and emotion is added.

Basketball Betting System

In handicap betting, to win, the team for which we have bet will have to have imposed or lost by a certain point difference. For example, let’s say we have a Fenerbahce vs Real Madrid with a handicap of – / + 5, this means that the Turks have 5 points and we add them to Madrid.

If we bet on Fenerbahce to win, they have to be imposed on Madrid by a difference of more than 5 points. In the case of Betting on Madrid, if they took the game, we would win but even if they lose it. If the difference is less than 5 points, we would also win.

The most common is to use half points in the handicaps, for example, put – / + 5.5 because in this way the tie option is eliminated. In this type of prediction, if there is a tie, the stake is returned.

The same thing happens in another type of bet: the totals, also known as Over / Under. These forecasts are very common in basketball. They consist of guessing if a certain question. For example, the total points of the game will be above or below a number. Read more about betting systems here.