Basketball Positions

In a typical game of basketball, there are usually five players on each team on the court, and each player has their roles and responsibilities. Traditionally, players who filled these position would solely stick to [...]

How to bet on NBA games?

The mantle for which sports league is most popular with Americans outside of football is still up for grabs, but there’s a good case that it’s the NBA and basketball. That, in turn, translates into pro hoops being one of [...]


  • Before looking at basketball markets it’s important to know the basics on how to bet on basketball. As a sport, basketball comes with a lot of action and in most games there is uncertainty until [...]
  • How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball? As a sport, basketball is extremely popular which is why almost all bookmakers offer markets for it. When it comes to betting on it, basketball handicap markets are [...]
  • A lot of basketball fans are interested to know what does the NBA stands for? In this article, we will cover all the facts about the most popular basketball league in the world. The NBA [...]