Best European Basketball Teams:

Best European Basketball teams

Best European Basketball Teams: It has been 17 seasons since the first jump between two of the Euroleagues in its modern era, and here we highlight the best teams in the competition based on a special ranking, presenting at the same time their most important achievements in the tournament through graphics, numbers, and statistics.

In the summer of 2000, the top European club competition turned the situation and entered a new era.

Since then 17 years have been passed, during which basketball fans from the old continent have enjoyed a rich show of teams and excellent players who have starred in the best basketball league courts outside the NBA.

During this period, the organizing authority has introduced 7 different formats, always looking for the best possible result and the pleasure of millions of competition fans.

Best European Basketball Teams
Best European Basketball Teams

The number of teams that have participated in the modern era of the Euroleague amounts to 83, while 2,700 players have honored the tournament with their presence. Read more about the Euroleague here.

Here is the list of best European Basketball teams:

Position                      Team                Seasons                     Matches

 1                                 Barcelona       17                               398

 2                                 Olympiacos    17                               393

 3                                 CSKA Moscow             16                               392

 4                                 Baskonia         17                               389

 5                                 Panathinaikos 16                               383

Β Also, only four franchises have competed in all 17 seasons. These are Barcelona, Olympiacos, Baskonia and Zalgiris Kaunas, the most faithful participants of the best European league.

Classification Method:

– For each trophy, the team has obtained 10 points.

– Each finalist of the competition (second place) has achieved 7 points.

– For every third place, the team has achieved 5 points.

– For each fourth place, the team has won 4 points.

– All the teams that reached the quarterfinals have taken 2 points.

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