Spanish ACB

Spanish ACB

The Spanish ACB League is the leading professional basketball league in Spain. The Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) took the reins of the League in the 1983-1984 seasons to replace the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), which stopped organizing the National League. The acronym ACB refers to the Association of Basketball Clubs. Together with German BBL and Italian Lega A are among most popular European national championships.

ACB Competition System:

The ACB League is formed by a total of 18 teams that play a regular phase of all against all in round trips. At the end of the first round, the first eight dispute the Copa del Rey. At the end of the regular season, the first eight teams start to play the ACB Playoffs. The two last two teams of the regular phase descend to the Leb Oro. Winner of ACB is playing in Euroleague next season. Read more about ACB at official website.

Spanish ACB Winners:

As for the achievements of the ACB League, Real Madrid is the team with the most titles in the history of the league with 34. It is followed by FC Barcelona with 18, Joventut de Badalona with 4, Baskonia with 3 and Unicaja Malaga, Valencia Basket and Manresa tie with 1.

Spanish ACB
Spanish ACB : Basketball League

Copa del Rey ACB:

The King’s Cup of the ACB League takes place at the end of the first round of the regular season. The first 8 teams are classified but sometimes they can be seven since the host of the tournament has a guaranteed place.

Through a raffle, the pairings are determined. The Copa del Rey ACB starts with the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. All matches get winner in a single match.

Playoff ACB:

After finishing the regular phase of the ACB League, the top 8 contenders play the ACB Playoffs. The first faces the 8th, the second to the 7th, the third to the 6th and the fourth to the 5th. The teams classified among the first 4 positions at the end of the regular phase have the advantage of the field factor. The ACB playoffs are to the best of 3 games and 5 to the final.

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