Caja Laboral:

Caja Laboral

Caja Laboral: Laboral Kutxa is a credit cooperative and was born from the merger between Caja Laboral and Ipar Kutxa. The merger project was announced on March 2012 and culminated in November of the same year.

Until April 2013, it was not when the new entity was officially introduced. After this merger, Laboral Kutxa maintained the corporate name of Caja Laboral.

Caja Laboral – Classes of Partner:

Caja Laboral is also known as Euskadiko Kutxa in the Basque Country and Navarra. 

Saski Baskonia is the basketball team that has been sponsored by Laboral. In 2009, the Spanish credit union Caja Laboral became the new name sponsor of this club. They increased the amount of money that the name sponsor contributes to the sports club’s budget. 

This team competes for the highest category of Spanish basketball, the ACB League. A competition that has won three times becoming one of the most recognized clubs in the national and European scene in the 2000s. 

On the continental level, their greatest achievement came in the 1995-96 season when they won a European Cup Winners’ Cup. They also won two runners-up as well as in the maximum club tournament, the Euroleague. Learn more about Euro League here.

The club presidency:

The president of this club is former player Josean Querejeta since September 1988. One of his first actions, when he came to office, was to turn it into the first sports corporation in Spain, going on to receive its current denomination.

Caja Laboral
Caja Laboral : Spanish credit union

Current sponsor:

Caja Laboral was the sponsor of this team from 2009 to 2016. The current sponsor is Kirolbet since 2018.


Since the last 24 years, white has been the dominant color in their uniforms. But since the 2011/2012 season, the Vitoria-Gasteiz team has recovered the blue and maroon colors.

Caja Laboral – Classes of Partner:

The entity functioned as a credit cooperative formed by two classes of partners. The associated entities are legal entities that hold the majority of the share capital. 

The highest decision-making body was the General Assembly, in which all work partners have the right to vote at the rate of one vote per member. 

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