TBL – Turkish Basketball League:

Turkish Basketball League

TBL : Turkish Basketball League is one of the strongest league in Europe together with Spanish ACB and Italian Lega A . The teams play regularly a crucial role in the continental competitions. Also the league is very popular for basketball betting among gamblers.

TBL – GamePlay:

In the Turkish league plays the best 16 clubs in the country from the master. Turkish league is also familiar as National league.

For a victory, there are 2 points in the table. There is no draw in the league.

The top 8 teams qualify for the play-offs and thus fight for the Turkish championship. If one team makes two wins in the quarter-finals, they will reach the semi-finals, where 3 wins are needed to reach the final.

Here, the opposing team must be defeated 4 times to win the championship title.

Turkish Basketball League (TBL)
Turkish Basketball League

Turkish Basketball League – History:

Professional league has existed in Turkey since the beginning of the 20th century. Turkish Basketball League was founded in 1966. Before that, there were different championships in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara.

Only with the start of the Turkish League, the teams fought for a national championship. In the debut season 1966/1967 12 teams participated, all from Istanbul, Ankara, and Ismir.

Among them were Fenerbahce and Galatasaray Istanbul, two clubs that are still among the most prestigious in Turkey. However, Nordu of Izmir won the first Turkish championship title two points ahead of Galatasaray in the final table. Also read more about Turkish League here.

Already for the second season 1967/1968, the field of participants was extended to 15 teams, the title brought with the first time a team from Istanbul.

After another season with 15 clubs, from which Galatasaray emerged victoriously, they returned in 1969/1970 to format with twelve clubs back. However, there were several changes in the number of participants in the 1980s. In addition, the play-offs were introduced to the season 1983/1984, which followed the regular season and in which from then on the champion was played.