Where is the Basketball World Cup?

Where is the Basketball World Cup?

Where is the Basketball World Cup? This year in 2019, FIBA World cup will be the 18th tournament if the FIBA Basketball.

Where is the Basketball World Cup?

FIBA World cup 2019 will be hosted by the People’s Republic of China. Philippines and China – There were 2 countries were finalists bidding to host FIBA for 2019. The final decision was taken by FIBA’s Central Board after both candidates submitted their final bids and each country gave presentations during the Host Announcement Ceremony.

The Central Board has voted China with 14 bids. While on the other hand, the Philippines had 7 votes.

This is going to be the first time where China will host FIBA’s flagship event.

Where is the Basketball World Cup?
Basketball World Cup 2019

Teams will participate:

There are 32 teams have been qualified for the 2019 FIBA World Cup. They are divided into 8 pots of 4 teams and each for the draw based on the world ranking.

As a tournament organizer, China has the right to be placed in pot 1. There are also the USA, Spain, and France represented. The 28 remaining teams have received their seats in pots 2 to 8 according to their position in the world rankings, with one exception. How to watch basketball world cup?

The group divisions:

The groups for the World Basketball Championship of 2019 China are going to held from August 31st to September 15th.

The first two of each of the eight groups will be classified and in the eighth, they will cross the A with the B, the C with the D, the E with the F and finally the G with the H.

The big favorite according to basketball betting sites, to take over the World title, the United States was assigned the Group E start to be the current champion. The Americans will play in Shanghai against Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Japan. The ‘group of death’ will be the H, where Lithuania, Senegal, Canada, and Australia will fight for the first two places that qualify for the next round. Read more about basketball world cup here.