How to watch Euroleague?

How to watch Euroleague?

How to watch Euroleague? Although football remains the king sport, many basketball fans like to enjoy their favorite sport from their home television.

However, as with football, today it is not possible to watch basketball on television if it is not through a paid television package. Specifically, who has the rights to issue basketball for some seasons now is Movistar +.

How to watch Euroleague on television and online?

In Europe, Movistar television has exclusive rights to the main basketball competitions for Euroleague as well as the NBA. 

Therefore, all the basketball that we can see on television goes through having some of Movistar + plans or packages.

How to watch Euroleague?
Watch Euroleague

How to watch Euroleague online?

And if what you want is to watch one of the games of your favorite basketball team from your computer, mobile, or tablet wherever you are, then we can take advantage of the Movistar + app or the service website.

In the case that we have to use the smartphone to watch basketball when we are away from home, then we will have to have the Movistar + app. It is available for Android and iOS, on our device. Read more about Euroleague here.

And if you are going to use a computer, you have to visit the Movistar + Website.

How to bet on basketball?

If you want to know how to bet on basketball, we suggest going through many sites on the net before you start betting. The most common way of basketball betting is the point spread. It is a handicap the sportsbook imposes on 1 team to make both teams equal in terms of betting.

The history of basketball originates many years ago. But nowadays basketball is a different sport.

It is considered as one of the sports that attract fans the most around the world, and of course, bookmakers around the world offer betting odds for national and international leagues and tournaments.