Most Triple Doubles in a season:

Most Triple Doubles in a season

The list with the Most Triple Doubles in a season in the history of the NBA, separated into sections for the regular season, playoffs and finals.

Oscar Robertson remains the absolute leader of this classification for more than 50 years. Robertson was the first off-road base of the competition, showing himself as an unstoppable force as soon as he reached the NBA.

It is enough to point out that Robertson averaged 30.5 points per game in his rookie season. In the following season, his second in the League, it was when he managed to average a triple-double. It is something unthinkable at that time and that no one matched more than 5 decades Robertson was able to average a triple-double in other campaigns.

Most Triple Doubles in a season
Most Triple Doubles in a season

Triple-doubles in playoffs:

Magic Johnson is the absolute leader when it comes to triple-doubles in the playoffs. His fabulous career with the Lakers in which he reached the NBA Finals in no less than nine occasions allowed him to play numerous rounds for the title in which he achieved a total of 30 triple-doubles.

LeBron James is the second on the list, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to have easy to beat Johnson once at 33 years old he is still far from him.


If we talk about Finals and triple-doubles LeBron James is the king. Nobody has achieved so many triple-doubles in the most important games of each season, the ones that are framed in the NBA Finals.

James has achieved triple-doubles with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys and even some finals he ended up averaging a triple-double, something unheard of.

In modern times, Westbrook is also the player who holds the record for the most consecutive games achieving a triple-double, 10 games.

The base broke the record in February 2019, beating the marks of Wilt Chamberlain (9 consecutive games in 1967-68), Michael Jordan (7 in 1988-89) and Oscar Robertson (7 in 1960-61, a figure that he had also achieved Westbrook twice in the 2016-17 season). Read more about NBA records here.

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