When is the next World Basketball Championship?

When is the next world basketball championship

When is the next world basketball championship? The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be the 18th tournament of the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

If you want to know when is the next world basketball championship? Well, we must say – This year FIBA begins on 31st August and ends on 15th September. Check full information on official website.

Changes in the world format:

As happened with the qualifiers for the World Cup, the competition also suffered modifications. This time the numbers of the team will be increase. Now there will be 32 teams that will compete for the title, instead of the 24 that they played five years ago.

When is the next world basketball championship?
Basketball World Cup

Another significant change resulted in the formation of the group phase. In the previous to China 2019, the distribution was of 4 zones with 6 selections in each group. Now there will be 8, with 4 teams, which will be letter A to the letter H.

In addition to these changes in the first part of the World Cup competition, the second phase was also modified: there will be 16 classifieds (2 per zone) that will be distributed in four new groups (I, J, K, L) to form 4 zones team (AB, CD, EF and GH will be grouped), dragging the points obtained in the first phase.

World Cup Basketball Championship :

The New Rivals:

After facing the new rivals of those 4 groups, they will qualify to the championship phase the first and second. This will be the eight best teams of the tournament who will face the elimination matches directly from the quarterfinals.

To balance the quality of the groups, thinking about the first two rounds, FIBA established a series of parameters to follow for the draw.

The drums 1, 4, 5 and 8 will be framed in groups A, C, E and G; the drums 2, 3, 6 and 7 will be aligned in groups B, D, F, and H.

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