Real Madrid Basketball:

Real Madrid Basketball

Real Madrid Basketball: Real Madrid Baloncesto is the basketball division of the prestigious Spanish sports club Real Madrid. It was founded on March 8, 1931, and has so far celebrated numerous national and international successes.

With 8 wins in the European Cup, 2 in the ULEB Euroleague, 4 in the European Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 each in the Korac Cup and the ULEB Eurocup.

Real Madrid Basketball:

Real Madrid is the continent’s most successful club. Also, the club with 35 titles in the Spanish championship and 27 cup wins in Spain at the top.

Like the football team, the basketball department has never relegated from the top division. Apart from the Madrid team, only Joventut and local rivals CB Estudiantes can claim that in the Spanish league.

History of Real Madrid Basketball:

Early Years (1931-1952):

As a pioneer of basketball in Castile and Real Madrid is Angel Cabrera. Having been involved in the creation of several clubs back in the 1920s, he contacted President Real Madrid’s Luis Usera and club secretary Pablo Hernandez Coronado to create a section of Spain’s relatively new sport.

After the end of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the club reached 3 more times the final of the Spanish Cup. But 1944, 1948 and 1949 they failed again against Laieta BC, Joventut Badalona and FC Barcelona.

Real Madrid Basketball:
Real Madrid Basketball Team

The first success in the then most important All-Spanish tournament finally succeeded in 1951 by a 47-36 against FC Barcelona. And it was repeated in 1952 with a final victory against Joventut de Badalona. Read more about Real Madrid basketball club here.

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