Champions Basketball League:

Champions Basketball League

The Champions Basketball League is a tournament created and managed by FIBA for the European continent. It aims to aspire to compete with the Euroleague and the idea of the international organization is to replace that competition.

The tournament was born in mid-2015 after a meeting between leaders of FIBA and the Euroleague within the framework of changing global tournaments. It was officially presented on March 21, 2016.

Despite not being the main competition in the European basketball landscape, the FIBA would choose the champion of this competition since its creation. The European representative for the Intercontinental Cup dispute, due to the FIBA-Euroleague split that took place in 2016.

Champions Basketball LeagueHistory:

In the beginning, FIBA ​​offered 8 fixed places to Anadolu Efes, CSKA Moscow, FC Barcelona, ​​Fenerbahçe, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, and Real Madrid.

There were 4 places according to national leagues and 4 places for the winners of 4 previous stages in a league Regular of 30 days. It also had a round of playoffs and a Final Four.

Champions Basketball League
Champions Basketball League


As it transpired in the first sketch, the tournament would have 32 teams that would play the first phase of eight teams in 4 groups. A series of direct playoffs to reach a Final Four that defines the champion.

In addition, 24 teams would qualify by the results within their respective leagues and the remaining 8 from a previous phase. Also, each of the 8 best European leagues would have 2 direct places while the remaining five leagues would have a place to form the first teams.

The tournament begins with the 32 unclassified teams disputing two previous qualifiers to enter the regular phase. The 24 teams that do not advance access the FIBA European Cup. After this round, the 24 teams classified directly are added and the participants orders in 4 groups of 8 teams, which play all against all twice. Read more about Euroleague here.

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