Buy Bitcoins with cash deposit:

buy bitcoins with cash deposit

Do you want to play sport betting bitcoin and searching for ways to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit? Its vert similar to buying Bitcoins with Paypal or other options. Here we are going to let you know.

Among the most used methods are the following:

1. Purchase person to person:

The most social way of acquiring your Bitcoins is person to person. For this, we must consider certain aspects among which we can highlight: the process of getting the right seller, the protocol to make the purchase, the tools, and forecasts.

2. Buy cash at a Bitcoin ATM (BTM):

This is an excellent option in terms of saving time, since you do not need to agree on anything with another person but will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since their introduction to the market, the BTM has become increasingly popular and have been constantly expanding, but not all locations there is a great offer of them.

Buy Bitcoins with cash deposit:

An ideal site to locate a BTM is the CoinATMradar website. Here it will show you its exact location as well as all those details you need to know about the operator.

Buy Bitcoins with cash deposit
Buy Bitcoins with cash deposit

3. Cash deposits in a bank:

There is another option, in which the seller offers the bank deposit as an accepted payment method. Here, it will indicate the bank details so you can make the deposit. It happens, in the same way, that you were making another normal and current deposit.

In this method, the Escrow service must also use to avoid any type of scam. In case of any dispute, you can always count on the deposit receipt that serves as proof of having made the payment and being able to obtain the release of the bitcoins.

4. Cash through mail:

Again, it is important to look at the reputation of the seller before performing the operation. The more transactions they have made of this type, the more reliable the purchase will be. As in the previous operations, the Escrow service is mandatory to avoid fraud.