What is a Double Double in Basketball?

What is a Double Double in Basketball?

If you are new to basketball betting online, you should know about the Triple Double. Some online bookmakers offer it as a possible combination bet. So, what is a triple double? It is a single-game performance by a player who accumulates a double-digit number total in two out of five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots—in a game. The most common way for a player to achieve a double double is with points and assists. Keep reading to learn more on the subject.

What is a Double Double in Basketball?

In basketball, a double-double is a single-game performance in which a player accumulates ten or more in two of the following five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. The first “double” in the term refers to the two (double) categories and the second “double” refers to accumulating ten or more (typically double digits) in that category.

So, a player needs to manage 10 or more positive actions in two statistical sections. That is, he scores 10 or more points, rebounds, assists, recoveries, blocks, etc. However, as we said above, its accepted everywhere around the world that a double double happens when 10+ points and assists are made. Additionally, 10+ points and 10+ rebounds is just as good as the previous one. All the other categories are important as well but they come secondary to these three when talking about this topic.

What is a Double Double in Basketball?
Double Double in Basketball


Since the 1983–84 season, Tim Duncan leads the NBA in the points–rebounds combination. He has 841 double-doubles. John Stockton leads the points–assists combination with 714. On the other hand, Russell Westbrook leads the rebounds–assists combinations with 142. Since the 1983–84 season, Tim Duncan also holds the record for most total career double-doubles in the NBA. He has recorded 841 double doubles. In league history, the record for most career double-doubles is 968, held by Wilt Chamberlain.

The simplest double-double that occurs is that of points and rebounds. When it comes to basketball betting, some bookmakers offer all the categories together when betting on players. You can bet on Over/Under a certain amount of points + rebounds + assists + blocks + steals. However, the double double is not the most valuable thing a player can do. There is another category called triple double which is valued more.

What is a Triple Double in the NBA?

The triple-double is similar to the double-double but instead of only two offensive categories in double figures, a player records three offensive categories in double figures. If we used our above example of the player that scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds and added 11 assists to their stat line then we would have a triple-double on our hands.

While triple-doubles are very impressive and show a versatility on the court that most players don’t possess, a double-double can often be just as valuable to a team. You may be thinking “How could a smaller stat line be just as valuable to a team as a larger one?” In other words, why not hope for a triple-double instead of a double-double? The easy answer is that both are very difficult to attain. Triple-doubles are kind of rare in the game of basketball.

Another thing you might notice if you ever watch a game where a player is getting close to a triple-double is how they, and their teammates, begin to press harder for the player to get the triple-double and their style of play changes in those instances. They may pass up open shots for a pass to a teammate because they are already in double figures in points but need another assist for the triple-double.

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While a double-double isn’t as flashy as it’s counterpart, the triple-double, it is still an impressive feat to attain. Reaching double digits in any offensive stat besides points means that you have excelled in that category. If you are able to regularly earn those numbers, like the players we highlighted in the article, then you will be a valuable commodity for your team.

Additionally, the double double is very important for basketball betting. A lot of bookmakers now offer this statistical category in their basketball markets. Bettors no longer have to bet on how many points, assists, or blocks a player will make. Instead, they can bet on whether a player manages a double double. It can be a combination from any of the 5 statistical categories we mentioned above. To find the best basketball markets and odds, visit the Coinbet24 bitcoin sportsbook and online casino.