Basketball Handicap Betting

Basketball Handicap Betting

When we talk about handicap in basketball betting, we refer to handicapping the favourite so we can bet on the underdog. Since the NBA is the most popular league in basketball, we will talk about how handicap betting works there. In this section we will discuss how to bet on the NBA and the diverse range of NBA odds available at virtually every bookmaker in the industry. As you most likely assume, there are many different ways to bet on the NBA. From the more traditional NBA bet types to the more exotic, bookmakers everywhere provide you with a deep menu of markets to exploit through the NBA season. Here we will look at the most popular NBA odds.

NBA Basketball Handicap Betting Explained

Let’s start with the most popular and most traditional way of betting on NBA games. This is most commonly referred to as a point spread, but goes by other names such as the betting line or handicap.

So what is a NBA point spread?

A NBA point spread is an estimated final margin that a bookmaker will list for an upcoming NBA game. Bookmakers regard this ‘margin’ as a 50/50 bet in that they believe there is a 50% chance that the actual final margin of the game will end on one side of their margin as it does the other. When you bet on a NBA point spread you are predicting which side of this margin the game will finish on.

Basketball Handicap Betting
Basketball Handicap Betting

How to bet on NBA basketball point spread

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say that the Indiana Pacers are playing the Brooklyn Nets. The point spread for this game looks like this:

  • Indiana Paces – 8.5 @ 1.91 odds
  • Brooklyn Nets + 8.5 @ 1.91 odds

So what does this mean?

To begin with, the Pacers are the favourites as they have the minus handicap while the Nets are the underdogs with the plus handicap. In this game, the bookmakers have determined that the final margin will be either side of Indiana by 8.5 points. As a bettor, you can bet that the final margin will be either side of this line. So if you think that Indiana will win by more than 8.5 points (1.e 9 points or more) you place a bet on Indiana -8.5 points. Conversely, if you think that Brooklyn will win the game or at the very least will lose by fewer that 8.5 points (8 points or less), you place a bet on Brooklyn +8.5 points.

Determining If Your NBA Spread Bet Is A Winner

So how do you know if your NBA point spread bet was a winner? It’s simple to calculate. Let’s say that the final score of the game is Indiana 101, Brooklyn 90. If you had been on the favourite, in this case, Indiana -8.5, you subtract 8.5 points from their final score. In this example, that would create an adjusted final score of Indiana 92.5, Brooklyn 90. With their handicap subtracted from their final score, Indiana still wins the game. In this case, your bet on Indiana -8.5 would be a winning bet.

However, if you had bet on the underdog, in this case Brooklyn +8.5, you add 8.5 points to their final score, giving us an adjusted final score of Indiana 101, Brooklyn 98.5. In this example, even with their handicap added Brooklyn still lose the game. In this case, your bet on Brooklyn +8.5 would be a losing bet. When a NBA team wins a point spread bet, this is often referred to as that team ‘covering the spread’.

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