Korean Basketball League :

korean basketball league

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) is the pre-eminent men’s professional basketball league in South Korea. It was established in the year 1997. KBL stars in October and ends in April in the following year. It consists of 10 teams and each team plays 54 games.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) wants to improve the audience and for that, it will adapt to the type of game that currently dominates the American NBA. That is the most important competition in the sport. To achieve this, the league has announced that it will modify the quota of foreigners for the next season, which starts in October.

Korean Basketball League
Korean Basketball League

New registration rule for the new players:

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) had released an unusual standard 4 months ago. The participating teams could only sign two foreign players, but with the requirement that they are less than 2 meters tall. At that time they had justified the particular rule with the goal of providing greater fluidity and quality to the game.

It will only allow the registration of 2 players who are not South Koreans and none of them will be able to exceed 2 meters in height.

Korean Basketball League :

Rod Benson (2.06 meters), David Simon (2.02) and Charles Rodes (2.01) were the first players harmed by this regulation which did not discriminate the importance of each of them in the Korean league. In fact, Simon was the top scorer of the championship (26.1 points)

But there did not end the legal modifications of the KBL since the second foreign player cannot exceed 1.86 meters. In turn, not only the height will be prohibitive in the next season, but also the background in the race of each of the international players.

Those who want to participate in the Korean league must have played less than 10 games in the NBA in a span of three years back.

Basketball Betting Events :

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