Lady Vols Basketball:

Lady Vols Basketball

Lady Vols Basketball team is more popular as Tennessee Volunteers. It is the name of sports teams at the University of Tennessee, located in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Volunteer teams participate in college competitions organizing by the NCAA. Also, they are a part of the Southeastern Conference. Its colors are orange and white.

Lady Vols Basketball Nickname:

Male athletes receive the nickname of Volunteers, and female team participants, that of Lady Volunteers. Although, most often they reduce it to Lady Vols. At the University of Tennessee, there is a rare occurrence that the male and female sports departments operate completely separately, unusual for large universities.

Lady Vols Basketball
Lady Vols Basketball



The University of Tennessee has never excelling especially in men’s basketball. Although, they recently revitalize by securing the conference title in 2006 and entering the NCAA finals. Up to 28 players have played in the NBA, among which names such as Dale Ellis, Reggie Johnson, Allan Houston, and Bernard King stand out.


The women’s team is one of the most powerful in the entire NCAA competition. The Lady Vols have managed to win the national title 8 times, most recently in 2008. 

Also, they have reached the Final Four 18 times and have won the conference title on 13 others. Their coach, Pat Summitt has been 34 years in office. It is undoubtedly responsible for the successes of the section. – The best site for Football Betting:

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