Syracuse Basketball:

Syracuse Basketball

Syracuse Basketball: The Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball program is also famous as the “Syracuse Orangemen” is an intercollegiate men’s basketball team. They are representing Syracuse University. The team competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference

The team started in Syracuse, New York as Syracuse Nationals, an independent professional team. In 1946 they entered the NBL for three years. In 1949, after the unification of this with the BAA, creating the NBA, they joined, along with 7 other teams.  In 1955, the Nationals led by Dolph Schayes won the NBA championship.

History of Syracuse Basketball:

It was owned by the Italian immigrant Danny Biasone. In his first season, after finishing with 21 wins and 23 losses, they got access to the playoffs. They were beaten by their northern neighbors, the Rochester Royals, in 4 games.

After another season in which they have beaten again to the first of change in the playoffs, the following year he joined as a Dolph Schayes player. With which they achieved for the first time a positive balance at the end of the regular season, winning 40 of the 63 matches.

After passing the first round of playoffs, they ended up succumbing to Anderson Duffey Packers in 4 games. In 1949, the Nationals, along with seven other NBL teams, merged with the Basketball Association of America to form the NBA.

Syracuse Basketball
Syracuse Basketball

NCAA Tournament:

The Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball team have appeared in the NCAA Tournament 39 times. Their combined record is 68-39. Find more info about NCAA here.

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